Driver Training

We offer PCV training and CPC training to both individuals and companies.

Our driver training is backed with over 25 years experience within the transport industry and regulated by the Joint approvals unit for periodic Training (JAUPT).

You will have peace of mind to know that all your training needs will be in good hands.

Need to gain your driver CPC qualification? Then look no further. At Central Training School our experienced training team will make sure to steer you to a successful pass.

What is DCPC?

DCPC is a new directive passed by the EU and it came into force in September 2008 for buses and 2009 for lorries. The new rule means that all drivers of HGV and PCV have to undergo 35 hours of training within a 5 year period to keep their licence valid. Failure to complete 35 hours periodic training will mean you can’t drive professionally.
Only courses that have been approved and are being delivered by a training centre that has been approved by the Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training (JAUPT) on behalf of the Competent Authority will count towards the Periodic Training requirement.

Periodic Training is designed to raise the standards within the industry, and maintain the knowledge and understanding of the rules and regulations that govern it. Periodic training also keeps drivers at a level of competence acceptable within the industry so you can have peace of mind and the confidence to know you’re training will allow you to do the job properly.